17 January 2012

Nightvision Evac ~ Costa Via Coastie Chopper

Check out Italian Coast Guard nightvision video footage of Costa Concordia evacuation. Frightening as hell from a distance, it must have been terrifying to be caught in it... And here's more damning evidence from the Italian Coast Guard, a recording of CG Commander Gregorio Maria De Falco incredulous and outraged that Captain Francesco Schettino has not only abandoned ship while there are still pax on board but equivocating and effectively refusing to reboard to advise in the rescue. Grotesque. And in case you're curious, here's what this Captain's criminally idiotic showboating has destroyed... Here's GPS-map visualization of the path to destruction... And here's the latest Italian fashion, quoting De Falco telling the Chicken of the Sea to get the fuck back on board...

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