16 January 2012

Non-Event 2012 ~ Kickstarter Their Concerts!

Thanks to Media Lab colleague Joe Paradiso for spotlighting Non-Event -- orchestrators of avant-garde performances throughout Boston area -- and their Kickstarter campaign for the 2012 season...
"We're asking for your support to help us continue to produce top-notch experimental music in and around Boston. 2011 marked our 10th year and we mounted our most ambitious season to date. We organized 30 concerts over the course of the year, featuring some of the finest sound artists, improvisers, and experimental musicians from Boston and around the world. [...] Our plans are just as ambitious for our upcoming season, but we need your help as we go to eleven in 2012. Your contribution to this Kickstarter campaign will help us take care of all the things, both big and small, that allow us to make great concerts happen."

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