29 January 2012

Building Flying Cars ~ Anna Dietrich on CNN/TED

Excellent to see MIT alumna Anna Dietrich on CNN/TED sharing her experience co-founding and being the operational spine behind Terrafugia, her flying car company!
"I co-founded Terrafugia as a graduate student in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT. A pilot myself, I was interested in taking advantage of the new Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft Rule that the Federal Aviation Administration created in 2004 to lower the barriers to entry to personal aviation for both pilots and manufacturers. [...] Since the beginning I've enjoyed applying engineering problem-solving skills to the challenge of company creation: In many ways, starting a company is just a big systems engineering design-within-constraints problem. I'm also looking forward to fulfilling a dream I've had since grade school by being able to fly something that I've both helped design and build when I take the Transition out for the first time."

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