24 February 2010

Flyfire ~ Hovering Robotic Swarm Video Display!

Check it out! Flyfire -- a hovering, programmable swarm of individual helicopter AUV-mounted LEDs developed by MIT's SENSEable City Lab in collaboration with the ARES Lab for Aerospace Robotics and Embedded Systems. They turn ordinary volumetric air space into a holistic interactive video display -- both 2D and 3D!


G-Fav said...

Hey Joost -

Yeah, that's been on many of the major nerd-news-blogs. It is a neat concept, and would be fun to see in person. But the stories report it as if it's happened. Do you know to what degree they are prototyping this beast, or if it's really planned?


Joost Bonsen said...

Methinks it's a "conceptual" invention. But the ARES crew are AUV'ers. And it's not that original as an idea. I blogged about the Dragan guys earlier, for example. Plus Halperin's First Immortal SF novel speculated about this over a decade ago and Stephenson's Diamond Age, ditto.