17 February 2010

Ani Vallabhaneni ~ VALA & Sanergy on MP.tv!

Wonderful to interview Ani Vallabhaneni on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight! Ani was part of two Development Ventures teams -- VALA and Sanergy -- which both were semi-finalists in the Development Track of the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition's Executive Summary Competition. VALA won the track, btw, with team leader Craig Edelman from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government giving the Elevator Pitch! VALA's all about helping informal market merchants in big Indian cities connect better with repeated and valued customers. This is to the advantage of both parties and represents a compelling opportunity for the 15 million street vendors and the 100M+ customers. Sanergy is all about optimizing the sanitary waste solutions value chain. Their goal is to weave together the toilet services vendor with the waste transport handler with the biodigestor waste-handler with the fuel, electricity, and fertilizer consumers. Epic value-chain orchestration!

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