25 February 2010

Project Prakash ~ MIT's Pawan Sinha @ TEDIndia

See here one of my favorite scientist-humanitarians, MIT Professor Pawan Sinha, who describes his Project Prakash at TEDIndia...


G-Fav said...

Joost - Thank you for posting this, I never would have seen it otherwise. I found it really moving in ways that I am struggling to find words for.

He is the same Pawan Sinha of the MIT $50k (1997) "Imagen", too, right?

And I have to admit, witnessing the constant creative impact and life-improving "output" of folks like him make me wonder, "gosh, I really need to spend more time each morning asking myself what might I do that can have some positive impact on the world around me???".


Joost Bonsen said...

Yes indeed, Gregg, that's the very same Pawan Sinha who won the MIT $100K BPC (yes, back in $50K days) with his (now) wife Pam Lipson! As I recall, you and Yonald were also winners that year;-)

Anyways, you should be coming to our Imaging Ventures class on Tuesday nights 6-8p -- or at least some of them. John did last year, which I think he'll attest was worthwhile.