12 February 2010

Sustainable Intensification ~ Bikes and Food...

A phrase from Andrew Revkin's DotEarth post on A Menu for Feeding 9 Billion caught my attention -- Sustainable Intensification -- about the cocktail of wise policy, food pricing, and irrigation and production technologies needed to feed extra billions of hungry mouths over upcoming decades in a way that's not ecologically rapacious. The next thing I read was by Joel Broekaert and Reinier Kist in NRC International dealing with the challenge of So many bikes, so little space, meaning massive overcrowding of bicycles and the tragedy of the parking commons in the Netherlands. Stunningly parallel challenges in seemingly totally different domains. In bike parking there too is a need for sustainable intensification using savvy social strategies, proper pricing and sharing-models, and scalable automation such as robostorage solutions!

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