21 February 2010

Undercover Boss ~ 7-Eleven's DePinto Works!

Just watched CBS tv show Undercover Boss for the first time tonight. 7-Eleven CEO Joseph DePinto left the suit at home, put on jeans and shirt (and uniforms), and worked in several stores, a delivery truck, and played other essential everyday-roles meeting dozens of employees while undercover -- they don't know he's the boss, just that there is a camera crew following some newbie around! Sure some commentators (e.g. WashPost, EWeekly, LATimes) have panned the show as "cooked up" or "publicity stunt" but many of the employee reactions seem quite authentic -- i.e. they call stupid mistakes just that and don't hold back with constructive criticism of either DePinto or 7-Eleven. I also thought DePinto's moves to celebrate his employees skills and dreams was pretty classy. Great show! Check out just a clip with Dolores...

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