18 February 2010

IdeaStorm 8 ~ MIT Venture Creativity Night!

Just had a great session with 130+ guests at IdeaStorm 8 at the Cambridge Innovation Center. IdeaStorm is a...
"...a fast-paced, lightly moderated, high energy brainstorming session. Creative Ideas + Entrepreneurial Minds = Great Teams + Hot Startups."
The event sequence which organizers Morgan, Adam, Slava used is...
  1. Welcome -- Schmooze, food, and drink;
  2. Challenge Question -- e.g. “What is the future of banking?”
  3. Elevator Pitch -- Float a few new ideas;
  4. Founders Dilemma -- Startup founder poses core challenges;
  5. Wrapup -- Share and vote on Best & "Worst" ideas!

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