24 February 2010

Printing Body Parts ~ Personal'd Medical Solutions

The Economist writes about Printing body parts: Making a bit of me: A machine that prints organs is coming to market...
"The great hope of transplant surgeons is that they will, one day, be able to order replacement body parts on demand. At the moment, a patient may wait months, sometimes years, for an organ from a suitable donor. During that time his condition may worsen. He may even die. The ability to make organs as they are needed would not only relieve suffering but also save lives. And that possibility may be closer with the arrival of the first commercial 3D bio-printer for manufacturing human tissue and organs."
I've written about both Bionics and Growing Body Parts before. This genre of Personalized Medical Solutions is burgeoning! MIT alumcos like Brontes, Atlantis, Angstrom, and more are all exemplars-emergent!

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