02 February 2010

Global Dynamics ~ Anjali Sastry's Systems Class!

My MIT Sloan colleague Anjali Sastry is running 15.875 Applications of System Dynamics: Global Challenges -- a.k.a. Global Dynamics -- this Spring 2010!
"In this studio‐style class, students put into practice what they have learned in MIT Sloan’s system dynamics classes. We draw on system dynamics approaches to define and investigate in depth a specific challenge or opportunity important to a client or other stakeholder. The course pairs a practical consulting orientation with a system dynamics framing that both guides the process and informs our analytical tools and approach. Projects entail simulation models or causal loop maps along with a paper and presentation deck."
Candidate projects and clients already include...
  • Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre
  • Enerpath, in collaboration with industry and government
  • Club of Rome
  • Millennium Villages and Community Lab
  • Up To Date and Global Health Delivery Project
  • Commercial Space Flight Federation
  • GlobalGiving Foundation

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