03 March 2010

Erica Dhawan ~ Agri Innovation in India on MP.tv

It was quite enjoyable to connect with MIT Sloan MBA student Erica Dhawan on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight! Erica's been interested in the healthy, organic food sector and has been working closely with MIT alum co-founded venture TastyBite, one of the top exporters. Most recently, together with a handful of peer students, Erica's been organizing a MIT Sloan Study Tour focusing on Innovation and Agriculture in both India and Brazil. A dozen MBAs are going to each country over the upcoming Spring Break and Erica's spearheading the India part. Their focus is on (1) Agri Tech ~ What tools and mechanisms and practices and inputs the farmer could use to grow crops and improve yields? and (2) Local Markets ~ Beyond high-margin exports, is there a growing domestic market for quality non-pesticide, sustainably harvested products? Very interesting!

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