21 March 2010

Designing Streets ~ Livability in Vital Cities

Thanks to Mikael from Copenhagenize for spotting Gehl Architect's Kristian Villadsen speaking on Designing Streets as Public Spaces in Northern Climate Cities. He gives examples from Copenhagen, Malmo, and northerly cities, but the lessons are broad...
"Urban planning that makes attractive places to enjoy the climate naturally, improves the walking and biking conditions, and this, even when the snow hits almost all year long; why can’t we think people first? A lot can be learned from Copenhagen, when it comes to making room for everybody and bring a people-oriented approach to planning. From China to Greenland, and New York, cold climate is all about building a culture and “creating invitations” throughout the year, as emphasizes Kristian S. Villadsen, so we can meet each other in liveable streets and public spaces. Although designing streets for all its users sometimes interfere with other agendas whether they are of technical or political character, this conference is inspiring to find new ways so that visions can be transformed into reality."

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