24 March 2010

Anup Akkihal ~ SamaanGuru Logistics on MP.tv!

Excellent to interview MIT alumnus entrepreneur Anup Akkihal on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight! Anup came through the MLog Masters in Logistics program here and has applied those operational effectiveness and supply chain ideas to building SamaanGuru -- mobile-phone-mediated inventory control systems -- targeting healthcare and pharmacy solutions in India and other "base of pyramid" emerging markets!
"SamaanGuru is a cloud-hosted supply chain management application operated by a mobile phone or web browser. It has been designed as a simple-to-use, scalable, inexpensive and useful tool for managing inventory in low-resource settings."
With an intuitive user interface, accessible to the less-literate, and on everyday mobile phones, this system is effective for SME microentrepreneurs managing their supply chains. Features include:
  • Track & Trace ~ Enabling commodity visibility;
  • Inventory Control ~ Optimization of replenishment quantities and schedules to minimize stock-outs or losses from expiry;
  • Coordination & Planning ~ Including demand analytics, network optimization for facility decisions, and scheduling/routing for transportation.
Very compelling -- and a live-case example alumco from our Development Ventures class!

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