31 March 2010

Better World ~ Accelerating From Lab to Market!

Delightful to have Antoinette Matthews, Greg Wymer, and Peter Zak from the MIT Enterprise Forum Global all join me tonight on MaximizingProgress.tv to share the latest about the Better World conference they are orchestrating all-day on Friday 30 April 2010 at the MIT Media Lab. Better World is all about Accelerating Lab to Market Innovations -- helping great ideas born from academic or corporate or even home-labs spread widely and help humanity! Three core themes anchor this conference:
  1. The Business of Innovation
  2. Learning from the Life Sciences
  3. Energy Transformations
So -- Ideas + Health + Power -- critical needs, all! Plus, of course, über-schmoozing with the worldwide leadership of two dozen Enterprise Forum chapters, key entrepreneurial faculty and alums and friends, giants from the Boston-and-beyond VC community, and more. Fantastic content and all packed into a day-long knowledge-and-connections intensive session. Highly recommended!

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