17 March 2010

Stata @ Commencement ~ Great Alum Innovator

Fantastic to see that MIT alumnus entrepreneur Ray Stata has been tapped as Commencement Speaker 2010! Not only have I known Ray for nearly my entire time at the Institute, but I've heard him speak several times on different invigorating subjects and have been deeply impressed with his thoughtfulness, insights, and passion for innovation and entrepreneurship -- and MIT! One of my favorite Stata-stories is that of the MEMS accelerometers which are today everywhere. But when this was a merely expensive dream, few people bought in. Ray persevered and together with colleagues at Analog Devices created not only a product line of automobile crash-detectors which trigger airbags, but an entire family of devices, including the ADXL330 accelerometer which enables the Wii Remote videogame controllers and which "mobilize" several smartphones!

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