04 March 2010

Personal Robotics ~ MIT's Cynthia Breazeal & Co

This week in our MIT Media Ventures class we hosted Professor Cynthia Breazeal who runs the Personal Robots group and co-directs the Center for Future Storytelling. Her vision is that friendly and personalized robots will invigorate and transform our lives... We also teleconferenced in Cory Kidd from Hong Kong, an alumnus from the Personal Robots group who is now building his business Intuitive Automata to commercialize his doctoral thesis AUTOM, a personalized weightloss coachbot! Kailas Narendran joined us in person to discuss both his experience building MYOMO neurorehab physical therapy robots and his more recent work with Xitome Design, a boutique robotics design-build consultancy which has built much of Nexi, a mobile dextrous robot in collaboration with the Breazeal group. And finally the amazing artist-roboticist Jeff Lieberman, host of TV show Time Warp, demo'ed several of his delightful projects. One of my favorite is his collab with Dan Paluska to make Absolut Quartet...

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