16 June 2010

Martha Bonilla-Peñalosa ~ On Urban Innovations

Great to have Martha Bonilla-Peñalosa join me on MaximizingProgress.tv tonight! Martha's an urban planner and development economist most recently working as the global program coordinator for the Green Hub initiative at the CoLab Community Innovators Lab and teacher of the MIT IDG practicum class. This practicum had a dozen city planning students from MIT connect with their local partners from Universidad Tecnologica de Bolivar (UTB) over fall and MIT's IAP January period thinking about efficiency, mobility, and food security and the future plans for a Cartagena urban marketplace. She and I know each other from when she orchestrated the first Institutional Leadership Dialogue, a remarkable MIT program called The Renewal of Research Universities: Building Capacities for Technological Innovation with two dozen university presidents from her home country, Colombia, seen here on my MIT Innovation Tour of campus...

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