27 June 2010

Frankenfish ~ AquaBounty's GM Super-Salmon

Andrew Pollack writes in the NYTimes that Genetically Altered Salmon Get Closer to the Table about AquaBounty's GM super-fish which...
"...contains a growth hormone gene from a Chinook salmon as well as a genetic on-switch from the ocean pout, a distant relative of the salmon. Normally, salmon do not make growth hormone in cold weather. But the pout’s on-switch keeps production of the hormone going year round. The result is salmon that can grow to market size in 16 to 18 months instead of three years."
It still needs FDA approval, but as you can imagine, luddites and religious wingnuts of all flavors are already protesting noisily. P.S. Pollack writes on 21 Dec 2012 that Engineered Fish Moves a Step Closer to Approval...
"The Food and Drug Administration said it had concluded that the salmon would have “no significant impact” on the environment. The agency also said the salmon was “as safe as food from conventional Atlantic salmon.” While the agency’s draft environmental assessment will be open to public comment for 60 days, it seems likely that the salmon will be approved, though that could still be months away."

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