15 June 2010

Methuselah Biotech ~ Beyond Aging Frontiers

Remarkable to read guest columnist Christoph Westphal's OpEd piece in the Globe about Biotechnology’s new frontier, especially his bold assertions about overcoming disease and aging...
"A number of drugs that target aging genes, developed by several biopharmaceutical companies, are now in clinical trials. It is likely that these types of drugs, which should increase healthy life span, will reach the market over the next three decades. After converting several fatal illnesses into chronic diseases, biotech could in the next 30 years bring an even more powerful revolution. Many researchers are now working on the tangible goal of increasing healthy human life span, by replacing diseased tissue with stem cells, and targeting aging genes to treat diseases of aging."
Wonderful! But will the deathist religious wingnuts try to stop progress?

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