08 June 2010

Invivomics ~ MIT Professor Yanik's Lab-on-Chip

Excellent to have MIT Professor Mehmet Fatih Yanik at our FluidicMEMS event last night at Microsoft NERD to share with us some of his groups work on high-throughput screening of small animals in vivo, first C. elegans and more recently Zebrafish! More generally, Yanik is interested in...
"Technologies for regenerative neurobiology. Neural regeneration and complex wiring of neuronal networks are probed and manipulated using various technologies including microfluidics, femtosecond laser microsurgery, and 3D multi-photon imaging. Development of novel drug and genetic screening and discovery platforms. Both animal and cell culture models employed ranging from C. elegans to embryonic-stem-cell derived neurons."
Very compelling! We're witnessing the beginnings of invivomics!

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