04 June 2010

Don't Play it Safe ~ Ray Stata on Progress & Life

Just saw Ray Stata give this year's MIT Commencement address emphasizing the need to take risk and make bold moves in life towards personal happiness and societal progress. Very compelling nuggets from his personal entrepreneurial experiences, both successes and failures, and words of wisdom...
"The spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship applies not just to business, engineering and science, but to every aspect of work and life. You are all well equipped to challenge the status quo and to bring about dramatic changes and improvements in whatever you choose to do. [...] You have a special responsibility to help create a future where every person on the planet can have the hope and the prospects for a better life. My charge to you this morning is don’t play it safe -- because the risk of inaction is too great. Dare to be part of the solution."
Yes indeed! (And no, that's not my perspective on Ray's talk pictured above, but rather that of Bob Metcalfe!-). 

P.S.  Sorry, that old Metcalfe photo link is down; thanks to update correction from friends at https://www.facetuneapp.com

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