13 June 2010

Boston Med ~ Docs, Nurses, Patients Reality TV

Don Aucoin writes in the Sunday Globe about Doctors on the cutting edge of reality, a new reality TV show -- or rather a "docu-medical" according to the producer -- called Boston Med...
"The series brings viewers inside high-stakes medical dramas -- from a double-lung transplant to a rare face transplant -- at Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Children's. As physicians and nurses treat patients who are sometimes teetering between life and death, the surgeon’s words echo: If anybody can fix it, they can. Yet as "Boston Med" vividly illustrates, there are times when they can’t. "These are situations that most of us will experience in some form in our lifetimes, either for ourselves or our loved ones," says David Westin, president of ABC News. "It is important for us all to understand both the possibilities and the limitations of medical science, and to realize that it’s a complex and subtle ecosystem."
Such a show is valuable and important service.

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