09 June 2010

Spanglish ~ Se Habla el Espangles Everywhere!-)

Very amusing piece in the BBC by Ana Lucía Gonzálezon Hispanics in the US emphasizing the use of Spanglish, including among...
"...children who've been through US schools, [who] are bilingual. Very often they switch between languages within a single sentence, or borrow English words and put them into Spanish, making a hybrid known as Spanglish. [...] Four out of five second-generation immigrant children speak English fluently, but the same proportion are also fluent in Spanish. Seven out of 10 confess to using Spanglish. "Por ejemplo, I'm talking with my friends and sometimes Spanish gets mixed in with the English and you're like, hey, como estas, I saw you the other day…" says Ilyn, a 15-year-old, explaining how it works. If you hear someone talking about "going out to hanguear (hang out) at the mol (mall)", that's Spanglish. So is "emailear", "sexapil" and "hora de lonche" (lunch hour). Some sentences may be entirely in English, apart from one phrase in Spanish - or completely in Spanish, with the English connector "so" in the middle. "I would describe it as a combination of two great languages to create a new expression that is richer than just speaking English or Spanish," says Cristina Burgos, who last year decided to write a blog in Spanglish. [...] "Beware: Se habla el espangles everywhere these days!"

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