21 February 2011

Brunel's Sketchbook ~ Genius Engineering Anime

Whilst exploring the history of genius inventor engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, I came across this lovely anime of Brunel's Sketchbook by Paul Matson who writes...
"Researching his workaholic life, I imagined Brunel huddled over a sketchbook in the early hours of morning, drawing by candlelight in a frenzy of activity. Lines on paper that, over time, would become the starting points for his greatest engineering works. His sketchbooks, diaries and letters are now archived in the Brunel Collection at the University of Bristol. Full of energy and vitality, they tell us a great deal about the man and his ambition. Scans were supplied as digital files, which were printed out so that a 90 second sequence could be storyboarded. The biggest challenge was to 'lift' the drawings off the sketchbook paper and find a way of animating them. [...] I'm interested in the creative interpretation of historical archives and bringing them to life in new ways, particularly online. This commission was an opportunity to discover more about Brunel, while bringing his sketchbooks to a new, and wider, audience."

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