10 December 2009

MIT Development Ventures 2009 ~ Great Plans!

Earlier today we had the finale Development Ventures (DV) session together with the three other Fall semester 2009 classes in the growing D-Lab family. DV is an exploratory MIT elective Action Lab on founding, financing, and building entrepreneurial ventures targeting developing countries, emerging markets, and underserved consumers everywhere. We place particular emphasis on transformative innovations and exponentially scalable business models that can enable or accelerate major positive social change throughout the world. I'm very proud of the twenty DV student teams which pulled together these excellent new venture proposals, including...
  • Sanergy -- Sanitation + Energy + Fertilizer Systems (Kenya)
  • PowerUp! Technologies -- Hand-Powered Electricity
  • SolSource -- Solar-Powered Household Goods (China)
  • Thermoversion -- Thermal-Powered Electricity (Kenya)
  • Nautilus Power -- Flexible Floating Power Systems
  • Quilombo Energy -- Renewables-Power Plants (Africa)
  • Novo Brasil -- Private Vocational Training (Brazil)
  • Gona Games -- Mobiles-Based Educational Games
  • Design ED -- Educational Curriculum Development
  • Citizen Water -- Water Quality Mapping
  • Prosthetics For All -- Affordable Limb Augmentations (India)
  • WoundSucker -- Affordable Wound-Healing Device
  • MedHelp -- Home Healthcare Devices
  • Genius -- Medical Advice Network
  • NZ Capital -- Micro-Banking Services (Zimbabwe)
  • UBIQ -- Mobile-Enabled Financial Services (Nigeria)
  • VALA -- Mobile-Enabled Informal Market-Making (India)
  • MobileBusiness -- Mobile-Enabled Merchant Tools (Africa)
  • DataLibre -- Civic Sector Informatics (Philippines, US)
  • Adjuvant -- Social Venture Franchising (India + East Africa)
A really great group of newco's! Be sure to also check out our DV alumni ventures!

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