26 December 2009

Leaving A Footprint ~ Squashing Iranian Mullahs

Neda Soltan was murdered by Mullahs -- and their evil minions -- in the country we know as Iran. Yet, she left a footprint... Person Of The Year is merely a retrospective honorific from The Times, but it's still extraordinarily crucial. In her own words...
"Even if a bullet goes through my heart it’s not important,” she told Caspian Makan, her fiancé. “What we’re fighting for is more important. When it comes to taking our stolen rights back we should not hesitate. Everyone is responsible. Each person leaves a footprint in this world.”
Those illegitimate mad Mullahs are like Mafia bosses, thugs and cretins, who, amazingly enough are currently "in charge" of the glorious people of Persia. But the entire Planet is against their irrational cult of illegitimacy -- and they will eventually be overthrown. It can't happen soon enough.

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