19 December 2009

Blueprint to a Billion ~ Exponential Venturing!

One compelling read recently has been Blueprint to a Billion by David Thomson, today head of the related Blueprint Growth Institute but with experience as executive with Nortel Networks and Hewlett-Packard and principal with McKinsey & Company. Thomson attempts to uncover patterns behind billion-dollar firms, a really compelling goal. He asserts there are 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth...
  1. Create and Sustain a Breakthrough Value Proposition -- What does it take to create "way better" value"?
  2. Exploit a High Growth Market Segment -- Does your market have the potential to create a new billion dollar company?
  3. Marquee Customers Shape the Revenue Powerhouse -- Are your best customers the source of exponential revenue growth and is your sales force extraordinary?
  4. Leverage Big Brother Alliances for Breaking into New Markets -- Are you leveraging alliances with Big Companies to accelerate growth?
  5. Become the Masters of Exponential Returns -- Is your company cash-flow positive and achieving high return on investment?
  6. The Management Team: Inside-Outside Leadership -- Does your management team make the most of inside-outside leadership skills?
  7. The Board: Comprised of Essentials Experts -- Is your board balanced with CEOs who have led billion dollar companies along with customers and alliance partners to guide your company to a billion and beyond?
Ardent readers of Maximizing Progress know I care hugely about compelling ventures and will recall relevant related material, including this WSJournal piece on visualizing fast-growth ventures. Email me if you have exponential venture concepts...

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