03 December 2009

MITERS ~ Hackerspace of MIT Students!

Danish rapporteur Henrik Fohns visits MITERS "hackerspace"... Features MIT's very own Star Simpson and a cast of characters;-)


G-Fav said...


My wife and I still tease each other about a "date" we went on together with some college friends @ MITERS around 1999 for Performance Art Potluck. We walked in and were confronted by a mostly-nude woman, dousing herself with water and some tampon-looking-things with kerosene at the end of long chains. Black-room nude fire dance! Fortunately our friends were hip to the whole thing.


Joost Bonsen said...

Those were the days, back when mostly-nude women hung out at MITERS and got chemotherapeutic. Ah, memories! I personally recall one especially provocative moment at MITERS when the Sony "x-ray" video camera was, as they say, "demonstrated" live! Today MIT women merely drape themselves with exuberant electronics and bust forth in front of the local gestapo for shits and giggles;-)