18 December 2009

Underwater Eruption ~ ROV Jason @ West Mata!

Wow, thanks to NSF & NOAA-funded oceanographic research by WHOI people for this amazing footage of a deepwater volcanic eruption at West Mata in the neighborhood of Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa...
"Video was obtained by camera mounted on the Jason autonomous underwater vehicle. The Jason team and scientists were on board the Research Vessel Thomas G. Thompson. Jason was lowered to the site 4000 ft below on a ~3/4 inch fiber optic cable while the ship held position above. The pilots maneuvered the Jason carefully into position to view the eruption. The sound on the video clips was recorded separately on a hydrophone (underwater microphone) placed on the seafloor about 50 ft away and later synchronized to the video."
(And props to gCaptain for spotting this too!-)

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