07 June 2008

This Land Is Whose Land? My Land and Yours!

I'm blogging right now at Otto's Royal East restaurant in Cambridge, MA, purveyor of choice to generations of MIT students, faculty, and Presidents alike. It's just glorious to be WiFi connected, plug-powered and eating a great meal of potstickers, steak, chicken, rice, tea and beer! But what's especially cool is the girl at the next table over. Clearly the kid of immigrants -- her parents are here too, obviously from "somewhere" in Asia -- she's singing This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land, in English, mind you, with her parents and friends all speaking their native language. This is glorious, absolutely the captured essence of the American Experience! People migrate here and both embrace a cultural ethos of integration and even assimiliation -- AND they retain their deep roots to family, society, homeland, and rich history. This is so fantastic. Richard Florida captured some of this dual-ethos in his books about the Creative Class.

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