25 June 2008

Water ~ Key Emergent Venture Sector Worldwide

In my last two Recommended Readings posts, I noted that...
James Flanigan in the NYTimes writes that Keeping the Water Pure is Suddenly in Demand, about a spectrum of tech suppliers and operators, large and small all profiting from aquatic action. And Leila Abboud in the WSJ writes that French utility Suez to Spin Off 'Green' Unit creating Suez Environment focusing on water and waste treatment services. These are exciting developments in the eco-sector!
...and that...
Jeanna Russell writes in the Globe about visionary water engineer Thomas Baron in All tomorrow's water. Baron has a century-long perspective on waterworks and the infrastructure of urbanization and is urging a multi-decade plan to ensure adequate future aquatic supplies.
And I was chatting with MIT Entrepreneur in Residence and Sloan Senior Lecturer Bill Aulet yesterday about this very sector since he wrote a compelling Xconomy post just recently entitled The Next Big Thing in Energy Innovation and Investing? Let’s Talk Water.

These emerging water-related venture opportunities represent an enormous multi-US$ Trillion global sector including massive gigaproject infrastructure works as well as
highly distributed technology, product, and grassroots venture opportunities. For instance, MIT Civil & Environmental Engineering Senior Lecturer Susan Murcott of the Water & Sanitation group has long championed off-grid solutions to deliver clean water to One Billion people in developing countries!

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