16 June 2008

Xconomy Replicates! ~ Now Boston & Seattle too!

Bob Buderi & company at Xconomy have replicated their original Kendall Square (now generalized to Boston) site and launched in Seattle! This primarily online business -- plus high-quality ultra-local event-experiences -- is pushing towards a different media-engagement future than that represented by either Scott Kirsner's Boston Globe colleagues (although Scott does quite interesting things with his own Innovation Economy initiative and with FutureForward colleagues), or Doug Banks and his MassHighTech / BostonBusinessJournal colleagues, or, for that matter, Jason Pontin and his Technology Review colleagues. I'm curious when we'll see Xconomy in Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai, Hong Kong, Zurich, Amsterdam, Berlin, Moscow, Sao Paolo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Bogota, Santiago, Sydney, Bombay, Manilla, Bangalore, etc, etc...

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