13 June 2008

Ocean of Orange! ~ The Better Red White & Blue!

I'm a post-nationalist except when it comes to playing soccer-football and cheering on fellow Dutchmen in their 4-1 masterclass conquest over the French;-) Our Ocean of Orange drowned Les Bleus today in Euro2008! It was great gameplay too, pretty clean and lots of action, as others have lauded. All the goals were very impressive sweet shots, including... One fan noted:
The national team represents an attitude towards life. We all stick together and are a massive band of the young and old.
P.S. And this includes the kids! One of the great elements of the Cup are players families and the post-celebrations with the children too...
P.P.S And it also includes host countrymen, the Swiss! Having lost early on in the tournament, many Swiss are becoming honorary Dutch, wearing Orange, and urging on the Netherlands team!

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