03 June 2008

RISD Resurgent! ~ First Maeda, Now Garvin...

Rhode Island School of Design in Providence has now recruited both Professor John Maeda as President and Beth Garvin as VP for Institutional Engagement! I've known John from his decade as Media Lab professor and Beth from her work first on Tech Day reunions (she roped me into Chairing the committee;-) and most recently her role as CEO of the MIT Alumni Association. RISD is a wonderful but heretofore somewhat underappreciated epicenter of the arts in all their forms. The School's a bit of a microcosm for design as a field and Providence as a city, curiously enough: all are finally blossoming as people realize they're diamonds in the rough, just as my MIT alum entrepreneur friend Owen Johnson -- founder of Connect Providence -- has long clued me onto!

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