03 July 2010

Disruptive Displays ~ Roll-to-Roll Flextronics!

Interesting to read Katherine Bourzac's piece on Inexpensive, Unbreakable Displays in the latest Technology Review about Carl Taussig and HP colleagues whose goal is...
"...to replace heavy, fragile, expensive displays with lightweight, rugged, inexpensive ones made on plastic -- without compromising performance. [They are] using high-volume roll-to-roll mechanics, the type of high-speed manufacturing process used in newspaper production, to make high-performance transistor arrays on the 33-centimeter-wide plastic rolls. [...] The idea is to combine these transistor arrays with flexible "frontplanes" -- the part of a display that creates the images and that the transistors control. "Our goal is to make displays at a cost of $10 per square foot," Taussig says. That's about a 10th the price of today's displays. Silicon-on-plastic displays might be used in laptops, or a few thin sheets might be stuffed into briefcases, replacing printouts and pads of paper. Taussig also imagines "ginormous displays" pasted to walls to show videos and ads."
Check out the process video.

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