05 January 2011

Convergence ~ Life, Physical Sci & Engineering

Check out the new MIT faculty-authored paper on Convergence...
"A new model for scientific research known as "convergence" offers the potential for revolutionary advances in biomedicine and other areas of science, according to a white paper issued today by 12 leading MIT researchers. [...] the trend of convergence -- which involves the merger of life, physical and engineering sciences -- to foster the innovation necessary to meet the growing demand for accessible, affordable health care. "Convergence is a broad rethinking of how all scientific research can be conducted, so that we capitalize on a range of knowledge bases, from microbiology to computer science to engineering design," MIT Institute Professor and Nobel Laureate Phillip Sharp, one of the report's authors, told the AAAS forum."
Seems to me an even more future-thinking white paper would be around the convergence of Media, Mathematics, and Social Science.

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