02 August 2011

The Bright Continent ~ Africa's Innovative Spirit

I'm very interested to read Dayo Olopade's upcoming new book The Bright Continent. A Nigerian-American journalist, Olapade is interviewed here by CNN's Robyn Curnow to talk about learning from African innovation...
"It's a continent approaching a billion people, all of whom have something to say. It's a very young place -- I think something like 60% of the population is under 35 -- and so in the next decade we're going to see this generation really take advantage of what is both global technology and global ideas and what they're already working with on the ground and there are so many examples that I see all over the place. [...] A sense of individual responsibility and a sense of entrepreneurship are endemic to Africa. [...] And they've got their side hustle and I think the ability for people to find opportunity where there is none is something very important in terms of the way that the 21st century will move forward. [...] People may not call themselves entrepreneurs, but they are very entrepreneurial."
Thanks to Edwardo Sackey for spotting this!

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