26 August 2011

Eyeborg ~ Rob Spence's Prosthetic Minicamera

Claire Bates of the DailyMail writes Meet the Eyeborg: Film-maker turns his prosthetic eye into a miniature video camera...
"A one-eyed documentary filmmaker has revealed how he has turned his prosthetic eye into a miniature video camera. Rob Spence, from Toronto, is able to record what he sees through his other eye. It is not linked to his brain and hasn't restored his vision. [...] The device crams a video camera, wireless transmitted and battery inside Rob's empty eye socket -- no mean feat when you consider the tallest space is only 9mm high. The 'eyeborg' then transmits a video signal to a handheld screen. [...] It can show others how he sees the world in real-time. [...The] tiny camera, just 3.2mm squared, was donated by OmniVision, a California-based company that specializes in the miniature cameras found in cell phones, laptops and endoscopes. It had a resolution of 328 x 250 pixels."

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