23 December 2010

City Journal ~ 20 Years of Urban Affairs & Ideas

Thanks to Brandon Fuller from Charter Cities for pointing to this fantastic 20th Anniversary issue of City Journal with several great articles, including Fuller's own piece with Paul Romer on Cities from Scratch, Edward Glaeser on New York as Start-Up City, Sol Stern on Tel Aviv the Now City, Mario Polèse on Why Big Cities Matter More than Ever, and Victor Davis Hanson on The Destiny of Cities. About CJ, writes Brian Anderson...
"Twenty years ago, the Manhattan Institute launched City Journal as an intellectual and journalistic response to New York City’s downward spiral and to the illness of the American city generally. Most observers believed that illness fatal; City Journal did not. [...] Since our first issue, City Journal has held that cities can and should be the drivers of economic growth, so it’s fitting that a package of stories in this issue offers a cutting-edge assessment of the economy of cities. [...] We’d like to think that the next 20 years will be a time when the twenty-first-century city comes into its own as a place where freedom flourishes, crime is low, commerce and culture blossom, and all families can send their kids to good schools -- and that the ideas developed in City Journal will help bring about that future."
Hear, hear!

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