07 December 2010

MIT Neuroventures Finale ~ Top New Ideas 2010

Great to have our MIT Neurotechnology Ventures 2010 class finale today with over a half-dozen compelling new opportunities presented to guest commentators Brian Chow, Doug Cole, and Christian Wentz. This year's neuro-ventures included...
  • SmartThestics ~ Adjustable Painfree Prosthetics;
  • NeuroAdvant-Age ~ Cognitive Training Applications;
  • MindInsight ~ Neuromarketing Consulting Services;
  • MedKinesis ~ Movement Disorder Diagnostics;
  • MoodFood ~ Diet Advisory Smartphone App;
  • Anemoi Diagnostics ~ Sleep Apnea Diagnostics;
  • Centrovia ~ Personalized Epilepsy Prescriptions.
Very compelling indeed. Plus, we look forward to helping the most motivated student teams going on to make their ventures become real and viable!

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