12 July 2011

Banning Boycotts ~ New Israeli Assault on Rights

Isabel Kershner writes in the NYTimes that Israel Bans Boycotts Against the State. This latest assault on human rights in the Levant...
"...effectively bans any public call for a boycott against the state of Israel or its West Bank settlements, making such action a punishable offense. [...] The bill passed by 47 votes to 38. It relates to calls for economic, cultural or academic boycotts of the state, its institutions or any area under its control, a reference to occupied territories. Offenders could face lawsuits and monetary penalties. Companies or organizations supporting a boycott could be disqualified from participating in bids for government work. Nonprofit organizations issuing boycott calls risk losing tax benefits. The so-called Boycott Bill was sponsored by Zeev Elkin of the Likud [...] the legal adviser of the Parliament, Eyal Yinon, determined that elements of the bill bordered on unconstitutionality and struck at the core of political freedom of expression. However, Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein gave the bill his approval."
How illegitimate can you get? Banning free speech? Sick. Beyond the Arab Spring, we need an Israeli Fall.

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