05 December 2011

Booming Gurgaon ~ AlJaz on Indian Growth City

Al Jazeera's 101 East shares the Tale of a modern city ~ How can Indian cities keep up with the nation's dramatic economic boom?
"India is richer than ever before, and could surpass China's economy by 2013. But its growth is a mix of dynamism and dysfunction as can be seen in the city of Gurgaon [which] barely existed 20 years ago. Today it is a booming metropolis of apartment buildings, shopping malls, golf courses and luxury stores. But it lacks basic infrastructure like sewerage, electricity, public transport and roads. The city suffers from traffic jams and flooding due to poor infrastructure, and those living there say government bodies are struggling to keep up with developers who helped build the city. Facing inefficient government, corruption and bureaucracy, consumers must provide their own resources, including generators, water tanks, private security and transport, which is leading to growing frustrations."

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