27 December 2011

Eco-Label Rankings ~ Key Aquaculture Standards

Thanks to Pew Environment for New Study Puts Eco-labels to the Test about the University of Victoria's How Green is Your Eco-label?
"...which uses a well-established quantitative methodology derived from the 2010 Global Aquaculture Performance Index to determine numerical scores of environmental performance for 20 different eco-labels for farmed marine finfish, such as salmon, cod, turbot, and grouper. These scores were used to rank performance among the various eco-labels. [...] “Eco-labels can help fish farmers produce and consumers select environmentally preferable seafood, but only if the labels are based on meaningful standards that are enforced,” said Chris Mann, director of Pew’s Aquaculture Standards Project. “Seafood buyers at the retail or wholesale level should demand that evidence of sustainability be demonstrated, not merely asserted.”
See here summary of how standards performed overall...

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