20 December 2011

Beirut Wonder Forest ~ Greenroofs Superproject!

Wow, thanks to Lori Zimmer from Inhabitat for spotting the Beirut Wonder Forest [Which] Would Cover the Lebanese Capitol With Hanging Gardens by Studio Invisible! Say they...
"The advantages of having this done on a large scale are many. Better oxygen levels and a healthy environment is the first that comes to mind, but also a layer of trees will provide shade and accordingly soften the increasingly hot and arid climate, which in turn would lead to a lower level of energy consumption. Moreover, semi public green spaces will be created for the respective residents of each building, increasing even further the quality of living within the city itself. On the other hand, depending on the choice of trees and plants, these gardens can evolve into a sort of urban farming, yielding a small but valuable agricultural output. Ultimately, If the plan works out, Beirut could become a rooftop wonder forest, the whole city as a Landmark: Beirutopia."
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