21 December 2011

Megatall Skyscrapers ~ The Tallest 20 in 2020!

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat spotlights The Tallest 20 in 2020: Entering the Era of the Megatall...
"The projected world’s tallest 20 skyscrapers in the year 2020. Within this decade we will likely witness not only the world’s first kilometer-tall building, but also the completion of a significant number of buildings over 600 meters (around 2,000 feet) -- that’s twice the height of the Eiffel Tower. Two years ago, prior to the completion of the Burj Khalifa, this building type did not exist. And yet, by 2020, we can expect at least eight such buildings to exist internationally. The term supertall (which refers to a building over 300 meters) is thus no longer adequate to describe these buildings: we are entering the era of the megatall."

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