23 June 2011

Chemical Reactions ~ Patten Exhibit Wins MUSE!

Very cool to see Media Lab Tangible alumnus interaction designer James Patten's museum exhibit Create a Chemical Reaction win MUSE Gold award for Interactive Kiosk design!
"Create a Chemical Reaction allows visitors to use the Periodic Table to initiate their own chemical reactions and virtually create a variety of chemical compounds. The experience integrates a physical and digital interface, employing an object-sensing reaction table with three overhead projectors. Visitors use small pucks to select virtual atoms of specific elements from the Periodic Table, then drag the pucks to the Reaction Lab. As they touch the pucks together, the “reaction” takes place and visitors see the results of the reactions they created via images and video of real life phenomena, objects or materials."
Lovely work! I personally believe we've only seen the very tip of the iceberg of this kind of interactive projection interface and the glorious applications it enables!

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