24 June 2011

Stark HUD 2020 ~ Wearable PC Future-Promo

Thanks to VC technophile Brad Feld for spotting this Stark HUD 2020 dream-future-promo about wearable heads-up display and PC system. Feld's interested in investing in this arena, so those who are actually making it happen, drop a line... What's especially amazing to me is that it's taken so long for this PC infoglasses realm to blossom. Yours truly was working on wearables as an MIT undergrad using Private Eyes (this was even before the Media Lab folks turned this into a research theme). Anyways, since smartphones have boomed and ARE the consumer wearable PC, the time to add heads-up and build apps for this ecosystem is NOW.
P.S. Also important here are key enablers, including ring-mounted tracking devices for "hands-free" interactive control... And current generation best-of suppliers of infoglasses, e.g. Vuzix...

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