07 June 2011

Living His Dream ~ MIT's Srikanth Bolla!

Thanks to Gaurav Agarwal for spotting the MIT Spectrum story Living His Dream by Liz Karagianis w/ photo by Len Rubenstein about Srikanth Bolla...
"a 19-year-old sophomore who is blind [who] traveled to Hyderabad, India, to develop a computer-training center for visually challenged students. “If we train the blind to get computer skills, they will excel independently and be able to get good jobs,” he says. Last year, Bolla shared his dream to create the center with staff at MIT’s Public Service Center, which provided Bolla with a fellowship and the know-how to make his dream come true. [...] “I refused to let my disability interfere with my dreams,” he says.
Inspiring! And a reminder that everyone must make the most of their own unique abilities! (Also makes me think of MIT's Pawan Sinha and his Project Prakash)

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