27 June 2011

Brazilian Talent Dynamics ~ Boomtime Demand!

Brazil's Boom Needs Talent writes Dana Mattioli in the WSJournal...
"Multinational companies are taking extra measures to secure qualified employees in Brazil's booming economy. To cope with a talent shortage, many are beefing up internship programs, spending more on training and salaries and relocating workers from flat or declining markets. Particularly in demand: English-speaking managers and engineers, as well as those with experience in business development. [...] foreign companies looking to expand in Brazil are competing with flourishing local firms for new hires. Also, local colleges and universities in Brazil were caught off guard by the economic boom. For-profit schools are attempting to fill the gap, but for now many multinational companies say they are having to educate their own employees."
Businesses are poaching talent, engaging with training programs earlier, building an intern pipeline, being more employee-friendly, and most of all, paying more money to attract and retain!

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